Michael Vitalievitch Bystrov: Curriculum vitae

After the graduation of Electrotechnical Institute, I worked in two Scientific Research Institutes and in Academy of Science - A.F.Ioffe Physico-Technical Institute. There, I defended a Kandidate thesis in which the quite unusial phenomenon - disappearance of magnetization with the lowering of temperature - was discovered. This unexpected effect proved to be bound with so-called spin reorientation. Soon I was away on scientific missions in Germany and Poland. Just in that period I made the acquaintance of S.Chikazumi - wellknown magnetologist in the world - and shortly after translated his book "Physics of Ferromagnetism" from Japanese into Russian. Later on, the work was done at fiber-optic communication devices and sensors. Nearly 70 scientific articles were published and 30 inventions developed.

The crucial moment came when I run across the low-frequency noise in magnetic films. As it turned out, this "1/f-noise" exceeded far off the limits of electronics, engineering and so on. And - alas!- the science gave up this problem as far as "nut was found too hard to crack...". The point is that there exists a taboo in high Physics on such term and notion as Harmony. Nevertheless, I was unwittingly thrilled by this phenomenon which seemed to be able to solve the all questions of Being.

Having appealed to Metaphysics I disclosed two lines of reflection - strictly philosophic and arithmologic one, going accordingly back to Platon and Pythagor. The former spoke about Harmony in terms of abstract proportion, and the latter mystified only specific one - the famous Golden Ratio without attaching to it any ontology. And as always, the truth is just at the golden mean...

What is more, I succeeded in proving - on the grounds of ubiquitous Golden Ratio - the reality of Spirit. Now, at last the long-awaited event took place - the birth of spiritual Physics being fully co-ordinated with the Bible. Finally, the solid bridge between the two main sides of existence is built, and my book entitled "Faith and Science: the End of Opposition" will soon come out.

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