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Goals and objectives

Our main goals are the following:

  • participate directly in preparation and realization of the research studies and programmes on a thorough investigation of religion as a particularly significant phenomenon in the spiritual life of the human race;
  • as far as possible, provide a cooperation between science and religion for a positive solution of theoretical and practical problems of spiritual, moral, political, and social development of the modern Russian society;
  • exert active influence upon the development of the religious studies education in the Russian universities, improve a general humanitarian education of students and formation of their mentality.

The main practical issues of our work are the following:

  • database generation about the potential (educational, methodical, informational, and cadre) and research results in Russian universities in the field of the religious studies;
  • provision of this database information for interested Russian universities and other partners;
  • direct participation in the educational process on the religious studies, development and publication of the educational and methodical literature on this subject;
  • testing of the developed educational methods in the hosting university, as well as in other interested institutions of higher education.

2005 Russian State Inter-College Centre for Religious Studies
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