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Only selected publications are presented below.

Ph.D., Docent Alexey N. Shvetchikov (Director)

  1. Religion, philosophy, and science in the Western civilization. St-Petersburg, 2006. Download (0,5 Mb) [In Russian, monography] >>>
  2. Paradise on earth: a new tale. On the ideological and socio-political doctrine of the Watch Tower. St-Petersburg, 1997. [In Russian, monography]

D.Sc., Prof. Yuriy V. Man'ko

  1. Russia at the boundary of centuries; problems and future trends. St-Petersburg, 2002. [In Russian, monography]

D.Sc., Docent Alexander I. Kugay

  1. Philosophy and medicine. St-Petersburg, 2003. [In Russian, monography]
  2. Violence and culture. St-Petersburg, 2002. [In Russian, monography]
  3. Violence in the context of the modern culture. St-Petersburg, 2000. [In Russian, monography]

Ph.D., Docent Michael V. Bystrov

  1. Faith and scientific knowledge: the end of confrontation. [In Russian] Download (1.5 Mb) >>>

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